1. A) Loss of severe bone mass is known as __________________. Describe this disease and what the physiological changes that occur to the body are.

B) Now list and describe the test to help diagnose this condition.

C) List and describe treatment recommendations

2) Compare and contrast the different types of Arthritis, how is this different from Osteoporosis?

3) List symptoms associated with menopause. What are some treatments that can assist a woman during this process?

4) Practical intelligence is highly regarded in adult years as compared to adolescence. Why?

B) Explain what is meant by the mechanics and pragmatics of intelligence.

5) Describe the Five-Factor Model. Why is this a useful model from a cross-cultural perspective?

6). What does filial obligation mean? How can this bring on stress to an individual during their middle adult years?

7) describe two cultures (different from your own) of how grandparenthood is viewed. What do these grandparents provide to their grandchildren?

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