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Directions: You’ve read two essays related to poverty and what it feels like to grow up poor in America.  Both “Shame” by Dick Gregory and “What is Poverty” by Jo Goodwin Parker define being poor based on their own experiences. You have already written FTP’s of both essays and you should use that as a starting point to compare the two essays.  As you compare the essays, think about whether or not the two essays are the same.  Do they include your main ideas about poverty, or are they missing some important points about being poor?  Do you think the essays agree with your point of view? Do you think the essays give a clear definition of what poverty is? What is good about the essays?  Are there any bad points in the essays that you think are incorrect?  (After you think about these questions, start to form your own ideas about what to write for this assignment.  Use the prompt below to help you!)______________________________________________________________Prompt:For this class assignment, write an essay draft that compares their points of view (Gregory and Parker) with your own ideas of poverty. Remember you are trying to show me (your audience) that you can write a comparison essay (your purpose) as you create your own definition of poverty (your topic).  Also, remember that how you write about the topic (your tone) is also important.Be sure to include an introduction on the topic of poverty (with a main point/thesis) and include a dictionary definition of your choice (and your own definition of being poor if needed). Write three or four body paragraphs with points that show examples comparing the essays to support your definition and your comparisons.Then write a conclusion paragraph summarizing your main points about being poor and add a recommendation and/or an opinion about what to do to help people who are poor by your definition.


What is between poverty and shame?

There is between poverty and shame. Poverty is poor, dirt, and etc. Shame is embarrassing for people that they could not learn, could not do, and could not read.

Poverty is being sick and not being able to see a doctor. Poverty is not being able to go to school, not knowing how to read, not being able to speak properly. Poverty is not having a job, fear for the future and living one day at a time. Poverty is loosing a child to illness brought about by unclean water. Poverty is powerlessness, lack of freedom.

Poverty has many faces, changing from place to place and across time, and has been described in many ways. Most often poverty is a situation people want to escape. So poverty is a call to action for the poor and the wealthy alike a call to change the world so that many more may have enough to eat, adequate shelter, access to education and protection from violence.

The effects of poverty are serious. Children who grow up in poverty suffer more persistent, frequent, and severe health problems than do children who grow up under better financial circumstances.

That is my essay. Please add conclusion. Also, please fix and feedback to me. Thank you.

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