1. Name a location (city, state; county; province; country) that is about a 1-hour drive from your present location. 2. Approximately how far (in



* Pluto has been classified as a planetoid / dwarf planet.

2. Using the numbers you computed and entered in the table, place labels clearly showing where each planet should be located on the sketch of a football field above. The Sun is at the Goal line or at 0 yards.

3. The farthest astronauts have traveled is to the Moon, which is located about 0.003 AU from the Earth and represents a 3-day journey one-way. Calculate the number of yards (using your scale factor) between Earth and the Moon.

4. If it takes 8 years for a spacecraft to travel from Earth to Jupiter, estimate the minimum time it would take to travel from Earth to Saturn. Explain how you arrived at your estimate. Show any calculations.

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