108) ISO 9000 developed by the International organisation for Standardization is a set of five

international standards for quality management adopted by more than 85 countries.




109) In order for management to initiate quality improvement programs and projects, a complete

cost-benefit analysis (including a projection of how the improvement will incrementally affect total

costs and total revenues) is necessary.




110) When evaluating alternatives to improve quality, both the relevant benefits as well as the relevant

costs should be considered.




111) Customer-response time is a measure of how long it takes for the customer to return a call. 111)



112) The cost of poor quality at a nonbottleneck operation is the cost of the materials wasted. 112)




113) The average waiting time is the average amount of time an order will wait at the company's

shipping office before it is sent to the customer.




114) The costs relating to product testing are classified as prevention costs. 114)



115) Two common operational measures of time are customer-response time and manufacturing lead







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