116) A quality improvement program is very costly to implement across a large corporation. Why do they do it?



117) Three tools used to detect quality problems include control charts, Pareto charts, and cause-and-effect

diagrams. Briefly explain each of these tools.


118) Baby Care Products has just completed a very successful program of improving quality in its manufacturing

operations. The next step is to improve the operations of its administrative functions, starting with the

accounting information system. As the manager of the accounting operations, you are requested to begin a

quality improvement program.


What are some possibilities of finding out about the current status of quality in the accounting system?


119) The last step of the decision-making process is implementing the decision, evaluating performance, and

learning. How can a balanced scorecard play a role in helping to assure this final step will be successful?


120) Acme Cleaning Products has always taken pride in the fact that it had one of the highest customer response

times in the home cleaning industry. However, as the products manufactured for this industry have become

more complex, the company's customer-response time has declined.


Why do you think that response time declined if all other quality factors have remained the same?




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