1960 ‘s

 The 1960s to mid-1970s were clearly a time of social and political turmoil, largely but not entirely as a result of Vietnam. Many movements considered progressive by some were equally condemned as anarchic by others. No doubt Roe v. Wade in 1973 has had more of an impact on life itself than the ability to finally end the Vietnam conflict that same year. In addition to the effect of the Vietnam Syndrome on the military and society, another very significant outcome of that war experience was the War Powers Act passed in 1973. Well, those are just a few spurious thoughts and recollections of this time period. Again, what I need you to do is carefully read the textbook chapters and then do the following: select one of the chapters and provide an annotated outline of a critical analysis of that chapter. In others words, identify anything in that chapter that is confusing to you. What questions are left unanswered? What do you suspect is not accurate or the full story? For example, chapter 29 concludes by inferring Bill Clinton’s New Democrat presidential victory was due to a political change of tides based mostly on his charismatic appeal to voters. In reaction to that, one might argue that the chapter fails to adequately point out that H Ross Perot’s division of Republicans as a third party candidate basically handed the election to Clinton. So, please give that a shot (about a page single-spaced)

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