2A: Assignment Background:

The internet can provide a wealth of information regarding exercise, physical activity, and fitness for a variety of populations. Fitness professionals want to be aware of reliable sources that provide useful information and then share this information with their clients. They also want to be aware of dubious sites that provide unsubstantiated information or sell questionable products or services.

Assignment Instructions:

Part 1: For this assignment, choose four websites that are useful for fitness professionals. These sites should be from reputable organizations and include reliable information. For each website, provide a brief description of the organization and the type of information the site provides. Include a brief discussion about why you feel the website is useful for fitness professionals and why you believe it to be reliable. The websites you select should be focused on exercise, physical activity, or fitness.

Part 2: You will also identify one website that you believe contains erroneous or misleading information or is selling a questionable fitness-related product. Discuss the information or product and why you believe it is misleading or not reliable.

Must use U.S. based websites and include web link.

Should be approximately 2 pages. Be sure to include the APA citation for each website resource.

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