5k hosted in Jayhawkville

The Jayhawkville Recreation Center is hosting a 5K. The Recreation Center is sponsoring the event with the help of Assistant Principal and Athletic Director, Will Brown of Jayhawkville Central, who has been actively engaged in involving more students at Central in athletic participation. He feels strongly that more participation in sports programs will “promote academics, build a stronger environment, and help students have a better experience in school.” The proceeds from the race will be donated to affiliated after school programs serving struggling youth. Jayhawkville Central has a 55% graduation rate and has experienced increasing in-school altercations related to rivalries in the area. Therefore, Brown is looking to build opportunities for students of all backgrounds to encourage involvement in sport from an early age, inspire students to stay active in high school athletics, and ideally improve performance and reduce altercations in the schools. Your job is to create an event-day plan and timeline including the following: What route will the race follow? How will runners and spectators be kept safe? What kind of food and beverage will be available before and after the race for participants, staff, and spectators? Will food and beverage be provided by sponsors or purchased? Does your staff have to pick up these products or will they be delivered to the site? What time? Who is going to handle the waste, recycling, and custodial services? Will waste, recycling, and custodial staff be hired recreation staff or outsourced workers? What times do they need to be onsite? What time do the different levels of staff need to arrive? What are their responsibilities? Will transportation be provided for any staff or participants? What about lodging? Does your event require extra lighting? What about a sound system? Do you need to provide restrooms or are the participants allowed to use facilities inside the recreation center? How will transportation issues, like parking, public transportation, and bicycles be accommodated? How are you going to direct traffic? How will you provide first aid for runners and spectators? Be sure to visit Jayhawkville as you complete this assignment (customnursingassignments.com). Requirements: Length: Your paper should be 3-5 pages long. Format: Double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, APA format.

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