92) Absenteeism would be an example of a Balanced Scorecard control measure from a customer




93) If a firm uses a cost-based transfer price its selling division will never be able to achieve goal




94) An important advantage of decentralised operations is that it improves corporate control. 94)


95) A benefit of decentralisation should be increased motivation of subunit managers. 95)


96) A management control system would include both formal as well as informal control mechanisms. 96)


97) The essence of decentralisation is the freedom for managers at lower levels of the organisation to

make decisions.



98) Surveys indicate that decisions made most frequently at the corporate level are related to sources of

supplies and products to manufacture.



99) EFFORT is defined as achievement of a goal. 99)


100) It is possible to increase the overall after-tax profit of a multinational corporation by adjusting

transfer prices.



101) Products transferred between subunits within an organisation are considered intermediate






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