a colored solunon by measuring it’s absorbance racedure : The procedure can be found on pages (127-130) in the Laboratory Manual cited below icara E….

I have to create an Absorbance vs. Concentration graph using the absorbances and concentrations in the chart. So that i can find the concentration of my unknown solution.

a colored solunon by measuring it’s absorbanceracedure : The procedure can be found on pages (127-130)in the Laboratory Manual cited belowicara E. CHEM 108 – Fundamentals of chemistry Laboratorycademx Puarshing Services : Naryjiang , 20W PP 125 – 134wavelength Of maximum absorbance520nmsolutionconcentration,MAbsorbanceStock0.000 800N/AV / N1st diluted8 .OOM x 10 -5and diluted3. 20 x 10 5. 8203rd diluted1.10 x 10 -5.420yin duvted1. 20 x 10 S. 3195 Fh diluted8.00 x 10 3-6262Unknown #. 5031077Show calculations for the concentrations of the dilutedl solHConcentration of 15) diluted solution:0.000 80OM x 10.0mL100.00 mu_ = 0.00008Ans. FF. 8.COMConcentration of 2rd chiuted solution ‘0.00008 x 40.00 mL _ 0.000032100.00 mLAns . 3. 20 x 10Concentration of 3rd diluted solution :C.0600 8 x 20.00mL100.00 mL=0.cool Ans:: 1.10 x 10natureDateWitness/TADate

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