Asthma ranks as one of the most crippling conditions owing to its adverse effects on those it afflicts. Those with this condition complain of obstructed airways that make the whole breathing process a hard nut to crack. Even worse are reports by patients of their airways being inflamed, a state of affairs that causes them great distress. These symptoms can be triggered at any moment by a wide range of factors that lead the individual in question to experience significant pain and experience difficulty when attempting to breathe during this intricate period. Chest tightness, coughing and chest tightness soon follows, proving the bane of such an individual’s life. Moreover, the lives of such individuals are significantly affected by the condition since they are always at risk of experiencing an attack at any given moment. It’s vital to acknowledge that the condition can either be occupational or stem from an individual’s childhood and since it has no cure, the only viable option is attempting to manage it. Immunologists and allergist have over the years spent countless hours in medical labs trying to develop medication to manage the condition. The following are some popular asthma management medication together with a critical analysis of the same.

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