A critical evaluation of long term sickness in the care sector


The title of this essay is going to be “A critical evaluation of long term sickness in the care sector”. The paper should be divided into sections = 1.Contents page, 2.Executive summary, 3.Introduction (the problem = long term sickness in the care sector, 4.main body (methodology = stakeholders, framework around long term sickness, literature review, primary data and secondary data), 5.Evaluation (based on the primary/secondary data & literature review, conclusion (based on the evaluation), 6.Recommendation (based on the conclusion). I have uploaded my class notes, please refer to my class notes as “Class slides, week 1” for an example if you are quoting weeks 1’s slides. Please ignore my writing on the slides. I have uploaded my employment law assignment so you can see my style of writing. Please use many different references and sources e.g the internet, journals, my class slides. I should have at least 2 pages of references in the bibliography section and lots of references throughout the paper.

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