A discussion of the successful teaching of drama and theatre studies


This Essay is relevant to secondary school education 11-16 specific to the the subject of Drama This assignment requires trainees to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of: •learning theory in relation to subject teaching; with examples of how you have drawn on theory to inform and improve your planning and teaching to enable pupils to make really good progress in your subject Writer notes: (please draw upon theorist such as Lev Vygosky and Jean Piaget linking their practices to teaching drama and student progress. From this I will add the examples relevant to my own teaching) •strategies for successful teaching of an aspect of your subject Writer notes: (Research on successful teaching of secondary drama and theatre studies) • strategies for meeting individual pupils’ needs, including consideration of what pupils find difficult in your subject (This might include the literacy aspects of your subject), and common misunderstandings and misconceptions; •national policy/curriculum and guidance/research, relating to the subject of drama. Select one area of your specialist subject to focus on in this assignment, preferably one which your subject auditing showed as needing further development. Choose the topic or aspect wisely so that you develop your SK4T&L through your work on the assignment, to show the progress in your knowledge and skills and to demonstrate your effectiveness as a subject teacher. Writer notes: (Research on key figures in the educational drama movement of Heathcote and Bolton, identifying their practice and highlighting how it could be useful within subject teaching)

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