A journal question: It has to be a minimum of two full pages. It may be in first person. MLA format Please. (Detailed requirement are described below. Please quote from the attached file.)

I’m working on a English exercise and need support.

Please explore your reasons for your decision to stay on the track, or swerve, in the train conductor scenario. In the Utilitarian view ( greatest good for the greatest number of lives is there ever a tipping point- ie kill four to save ten lives and so on)? Does the identity of the people (or person) ever matter more than the number of the people ( when and why)? What role does the concept of fate and responsibility play in your decision making? Is doing nothing a action (ie. if I do nothing can I abdicate moral responsibility)? How much does values and assumptions play into your decision? Can you see times when this type of decision making actually happens in society when laws, policies or even social norms are created?