Academic Summary Prompt

An Academic Summary is a short paper that explains the main points of a larger article or text. Find the most important points of the text and explain them using your own words. The point of the paper is to summarize someone else’s work so that when it comes time to write your own research papers you can know what a reader is looking for. The topic of this academic summary will be: STEM implementation in K-12 schools. Guidelines • The Academic Summary for this class must be 500-750 words. • You must identify the article, the author, how the author conducts his/her research, the discussion (why the article is important in the first place), and the conclusion. • You must use short citations (cited correctly in the text) and include a reference page of all resources that you used in your paper. o Note: the only resource that you have to use and cite is the article that you are writing your paper on. • Grammar, punctuation, and content must be on par with university standards. • Along with the actual paper you need three other pieces o The article itself it have to match with all this points as well : 1 This paper stays on topic throughout the entire paper. This paper follows the correct organizational structure. This paper is clear and concise and follows all of the APA formatting rules. 2 This paper properly uses collegiate level vocabulary and word choice throughout the essay. This paper uses content specific vocabulary. 3 This paper fully and completely develops all ideas. This paper provides more than a sufficient amount of information to support its conclusion. This paper responds to a previous written journal article completely and fully. 4 There are no grammar or punctuation errors evident in this paper. There are different types of simple and complex sentences.

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