Acute Otitis Media

 Clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) are written to provide recommendations that are intended to assist providers in making decisions for specific circumstances or disease conditions. CPGs are based on systematic reviews of the best available evidenced based medicine research. Interpreting and learning to apply guidelines into practice is necessary to develop and enhance diagnostic reasoning skills. Activity Learning Outcomes Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to: Read and interpret a primary care related CPG for use in practice. (CO 3) Identify the CPG recommendations and strength of evidence. (CO 3) Compare and contrast the diagnosis and treatment of a patient seen in the clinical setting to the recommendations given in the CPG. (CO 3) Due Date: Students will be RANDOMLY assigned a CPG on a disease topic by their instructor in Week 1. Students will post a brief, narrated, PowerPoint presentation along with a copy of their CPG and a written transcript of their presentation. This will allow others to view their peer’s presentation in order to provide an evaluation before Sunday. Total Points Possible: 150 Requirements: Students will RANDOMLY be assigned a CPG on a disease topic by their instructor in Week 1. In Week 7, students will provide a brief, narrated PowerPoint presentation using Kaltura while following the directions and rubric listed below. In addition to the presentation, students will provide a written transcript to the Week 7 assignment box for the instructor’s reference. (NOTE: A written transcript is a word for word script of exactly what is said in the PowerPoint Narration. It is not a paper and does not need to be in APA format. See the transcripts under each lecture in the weekly lessons for examples). Students will share a copy of their given CPG by attaching it to the discussion board where their presentation (or link) is posted. This will allow the instructor and peer to review along with your presentation. The narrated PowerPoint presentation, copy of the CPG, and transcript. If any of the required items are missing or are submitted after the deadline, late penalties will be applied according to the Late Assignment Policy as discussion in the Syllabus. Preparing the presentation: The presentation should be developed using the following guidelines: All presentations must be in PowerPoint format and narrated using Kaltura. Slides should be professional in appearance and easy to read. The presentation should be no more than 15min. Attach the CPG article to the Week 7 discussion board by using the paperclip icon. Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling should be observed in all slides. A reference slide should be included as the final slide and APA format should be observed. Kaltura Help:

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