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Students will attend to specific questions and topics throughout their paper, as listed below. This paper is meant to synthesize your understanding of the various aspects of globalization, socioeconomic class, identity, patriarchy and special concerns for the cultural group you are assigned. This paper should specifically address how psychology impacts each of these variables for Russians. In this paper, you should address the following questions, this is not an exhaustive list: • What are the cultural norms of this group, related to psychological treatment? • Is this a collectivistic or individualistic culture and how does that impact health care for the individuals within this population? • What global biases may occur (address the literature specifically)? • What special topics impact this culture (such as violence against women, poverty)? • What is education like among this group and how might that impact individual well-being? • How does patriarchy impact this culture? • What are some of the intergroup conflicts? • What role does race/ethnicity play? • What is the current access to mental health care like and what are some of the challenges that the individuals within this population face? As this will serve as your final exam for the course, your paper should be 6-8 pages in length. Read the attached rubric prior to submitting your assignment.

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