Review the following websites about adolescent life today. Reflect on each website and write one page paper discussing what you learned in these websites. Then find three of your own websites which describe or depict teenage life. First, copy and put the link in your paper, then write about the importance of each website or article.

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Title – ‘I Don’t Care’


In this particular video, 2 typical ‘teens’ are depicted as cartoon characters: one is asking the other about a host of things that the he has done, displayed or is behaving as/of. The teen asking appears ‘normal’ dressed simply. The other ‘teen’ has rainbow colors all over his face and is dressed in bright, attention-seeking colors as well. The normal teen is asking the rainbow-teen a host of things like ‘Why is your make up all rainbow colored? Why is your bed not made? Why are your things on the floor?’ to which the rainbow-teen answers ‘I don’t care’ to all of the questions. The creator of the video finds that this is how teens behave, an attitude that is uncaring and apathetic. The video is relevant because it shows a sense of how teens conduct themselves in a ..

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