Advantages and disadvantages of different learning modes (online, hybrid, traditional)

Advantages and disadvantages of different learning modes (online, hybrid, traditional).

Your paper should include the following aspects: Introduction & background – this should include information about the project and what research question you are focusing on. Methods – explain the interview and data gathering process from a methodological stand point. Sample – who were they and why were they selected for this study. Findings – what themes or patterns (similar or different) emerged while looking at all of the interviews as a whole? This should be the bulk of your paper. Additional questions that your analysis raises and any next steps you would take to answer these new questions if you were to continue the study. You can also touch on things that you would have done differently if this was your personal study. Appendix including your coding method and a brief description of how you conducted your analysis. Your final report should be between 5-8 pages including the appendix

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