Advertisement analysis of Pear’s Soap

 Background information: This is a soap advertisement postcard created by Pear’s company in 1895. In the Victorian England era, colonialism brought tremendous wealth to this nation, this soap advertisement is a symbol of the plunder. After the first industrial revolution, the improvement of means of production (planet, factory, machine) greatly flourished the daily product of normal public, which accelerates the first appearance of the advertisement. The first appearance of advertisement marks the development of capitalism society. (on week2 pdf, you can find more Marxism concepts that could help you analyze) Some key terms and explanation of questions in instruction pdf: 1. Focal point refers to what you see when first look at. In this ad: granny, kid and the basin filled with pears soap. 2. Connotation: what the ad trying to convey without directly showing it. In this ad: 1) the wall in the background and the dressing of the granny and kidsshows that this family is not wealthy but could still afford Pear’s Soap for daily use, which in other words, is cheap and affordable for most families. 2) the text “recommended by Mrs. Lanctry” who is a famous socialite, indicates that pear soap is trustable even for celebrities which shows the great quality of the product. Also, for potential female consumers the recommendation from such a socialite subconsciously impulse their purchase. 3. Target customers: could be categorized in various ways: gender, age, social class, capability of consuming, etc. 4. Denotation: what is this ad trying to show you at first glance 5. Details: eg. a picture of a lovely daily life that makes viewers feel close to their life.

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