AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Health Care

Topic: AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Health Care T

ED Talk How AI Can Save Our Humanity 14 Minutes and 50 Seconds View the TEDTalk above about AI and write a BLOG post and interesting link that relates to current and future AI topics in Health Care. Once you start your research you will see that AI in prevalent in many fields of medicine and Health Care. – – Write a minimum of 500 words for your post. Do not use the majority of your post on the TEDTalk I gave you to review. Research the topic of AI and Health Care and share new information with the class about the topic. — Use APA format for your post including your reference list and in-text citations. — Comment on at least two of your classmates’ posts. — Post a “live link” that relates to this BLOG topic. Write at least a paragraph about your suggested link but remember, the majority of your post should be new information so write about your link.

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