Alive Inside Paper Rubric

SOCW 5335: Aging in American Society

Note: Each section will be graded based on clarity and quality of critical analysis.

This is an individual assignment. For this assignment, write a 2 to 3 page paper reflecting on your thoughts upon watching the film “Alive! Inside” found on YouTube the second one it is 1 hr and 17 minutes

· What emotions and feelings did this documentary evoke in you? How might it feel to be one of the nursing home residents?

· How might it feel to be a close family member of a nursing home resident with Alzheimer’s-type dementia?

· Do you think that music therapy should become standard across all long-term care facilities?

· Are there any steps you can take to advocate for elder nursing home residents who are affected by Alzheimer’s disease and assist in program implementation, such as “Music & Memory”?

Criteria Points

Paper adequately addressed each question in the prompt and any additional thoughts you had____/6

Paper reflected a thoughtful analysis of the film and how it will impact your social work practice____/4

Paper is well-written and grammatically appropriate __/3

Paper follows APA guidelines _/2


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