Allies (as defined by Andrea Ayvazian) in relation violence in society

The main focus for option 3 is to focus on allies (as defined by Andrea Ayvazian) in relation violence in society. To do this, review Ayvazian’s article “Interrupting the Cycle of Oppression: The Role of Allies as Agents of Change” (IX, 4). What is an “ally?” Does Ayvazian’s use of the term provide an adequate model for people in dominant positions in the culture or people with relative power to enact social change? How? Discuss her article and the term “ally.” Consider the exercise that she does with groups to whom she is speaking in which she asks people to name some famous racists (which always gets a big response) and then asks them to name some famous antiracists (which is largely met with silence). Taking Ayvazian’s lead, write a research essay in which you discuss antiracism (or anti-sexism or anti-heterosexism or anti-classism or anti-ableism) as a political practice and cite some people who have done work in this area. Compare these to Ayvazian’s definition of ally. It does have a required works cited page(s) and any optional notes or cover page you may will also make specific reference to three other articles/essays from other units in the text. Your research outside the text is to include at least one source from an interview (personal and/or telephone) that you conduct with an expert, at least one source of art (fiction, poetry, painting, sculpture, music), and at least two credible, academic, nonfiction written sources other than from the class text. (That is a minimum of 8 sources to be cited within your essay along with the MLA in-text citations, as well as a minimum of 8 sources listed on your MLA “Works Cited” page.)

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