Ameerka movie

Amreeka, written, directed by Cherien Dabis Double spaced 14 point font An argument sentence title (containing a verb) Introduction of 10 -16 lines, which includes the movie title in italics Two arguments paragraphs of between 23 – 28 lines each Each argument paragraph beginning with a topic sentence argument Which contains the name of your chosen character in it Characters: Muna – mother of Fadi Fadi – son of Muna Raghda – Muna’s sister Nabeel – husband of Raghda, a doctor Mr Novatski – school principal James – Salma’s boyfriend Salma – high school cousin of Fadi Sana – little sister of Salma Matt – Muna’s young co-worker at the White Castle In this film, a mother brings her son to America in the spring of 2003, so that they can both try to build new lives. Once they are in Illinois, Muna and her son Fadi face many challenges as they try to adjust to new rules, new styles, new expectations. They also have relatives from Palestine, who have been in America already for several years – although not born in America. Muna’s brother in law is a doctor, but because of the war in Iraq, some of his patients have quit him and gone with other doctors because they no longer like Arabs. Some of the American people treat them respectfully, some do not. Some folks become friends, and give some assistance at important moments. Other people make things worse. In your essay choose a character, identify a challenge or challenges before him or her, and then judge how well he handled some individual situations or challenges that confronted him. The challenge may have to do with coping, adjusting to a new country, but it does not have to. Any challenge or problem that you saw in the film, for any character. Talk about at least two situations/challenges in each of the two paragraphs. You might find some things that you thought the character handled badly, even if the character was trying to do something helpful. Explain this, and what the character did wrong, and ought to have done differently. Other situations you might think the character handled wisely or effectively. Explain what was right about it.

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