American Airlines Communication Issue

 Part C: Issue Background Your objective in Part C of the first project assignment ( (Project assignment ( #1, Part C: Issue Background) is to provide background and commentary on the general problem or issue you intend to focus on in your case. Your submission should be approximately 1,000 words. You should think carefully about what information to include and about how to organize it. In addition to doing background work on your case site and its environment, you also need to do background work on the general problem or issue you intend to make a focal point of your case. At this point, although you may not be able to precisely articulate your case problem or issue, you should at least have a general idea of the kind of problem you’re interested in. For example, you may be interested in ethical dilemmas, compensation issues, product launches, new types of business models, or different types of social responsibility initiatives. Doing background work may help you narrow your focus and identify specific aspects of your problem that may be particularly appropriate for a business case. Be sure to choose a problem or issue that is likely to correspond to your desired decision level. Finally, remember that good cases generate discussion and debate, so do your best to choose a case problem or issue that will create openings for different points of view and different analytical perspectives. Once you have a general problem or issue in mind, these prompts are designed to get you started on background work. Because some of these questions may not be applicable to your specific problem or issue, you shouldn’t attempt to address all of them. There may be important aspects of your specific issue or problem that this list doesn’t address, so feel free to add questions of your own. 1) What is the history of the problem or issue at your case site? 2) Why is this problem or issue being raised now? 3) Who is involved and/or impacted? How? 4) How have other businesses, organizations, and/or other entities responded to this problem or issue? 5) What individuals, groups, and/or stakeholders have the power to address this problem or issue? What are their respective motivations? 6) Do different individuals, groups, and/or stakeholders see this issue differently? If so, explain. 7) What is the decision to be made? Explain. 8) Why is this problem or issue important? Why is it important, generally? Why is it important to the business or organization? 9) Is this problem or issue an opportunity, a threat, or both? Explain. 10) What steps might the business or organization take to address this problem or issue? What resources might be required? Are there political considerations? Explain. 11) Are there any ethical, legal or regulatory considerations? If so, what are they? 12) Has this problem or issue been addressed in the business press? If so, by whom? When? What questions have been raised? What conclusions have been reached? 13) Is there any academic research that might provide insight into this problem or issue? If so, please describe this research.

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