An apology for a close female friend


Paper details:

It’s kind of embarrassing but I have recently fallen out with a close female friend and I am not good with words or academic and I really want her to receive a heartfelt letter apologising for making her feel upset the way I did when we spoke. She attempted to speak to me and I was very belligerent, abrupt, not engaged in the conversation and I snubbed her. I feel so bad about this and I just want to get the point across that I am very sorry, I was in the wrong, I was very petulant in the way I acted and she did not deserve to be treated that way, she means alot to me, I think highly of her, admire her, I want the best for her and the fact that the way I treated her has really cut me up inside which it has and that I want to make things right which I do.

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