Analysis “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses” by Louis Althusser

Part of preparing for class will be occasional but frequent assignment ( that help you to using the act of writing to firm up some of the ideas we’ll be reading. For most primary texts (except those scheduled for response paper due dates), some portion of the class will be responsible to come to class with a short written assignment (, 350-600 words, which summarize some of the main ideas of the reading. Each entry should be drafted as a letter to me, and you should really treat it more as a conversational check-in rather than as a formal writing assignment ( (save those for the response papers). In it, you should: Detail what you take to be the main ideas of the article. This should be the bulk of the response. Note concepts that you struggled to grasp, or still don’t feel like you fully understand. Suggest ways to think outward from the text: ways that its ideas make you think of other ideas, ways it connects to other ideas discussed in class, primary literary texts that you think it might open up. This task is just to suggest—fully exploring these ideas would likely take pages, and could form the basis for a response paper later. You may want to tell me about your experience reading—whether you’re struggling with the prose, or making unexpected headway. Please consider these ways to ask for help, tricks, or tips if you think that would be useful. This is not the place to critique an argument. Let us take as a given that the ideas advanced here are significant enough that they are worth understanding thoroughly before we launch into picking them apart. Try instead to understand the theory from the vantage point of its author. Each response must be complete and available at the beginning of the dedicated class, and is worth 20 points, and will earn full credit if the assignment ( is treated fully and seriously. assignment ( that are lacking in a significant way will earn 15 points, and significantly incomplete assignment ( will earn either 10 or 0, depending on their contribution. For these, late work defeats the purpose significantly, and will receive only 10 points if submitted fully and satisfactorily within 2 weeks of the deadline. Extraordinary entries may be assigned extra credit.

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