ANALYSIS ( Movie Character/Costume)Pick any Movie from the past two years- no citing

 This essay should be an analysis of how the costume designer for any movie released within the last two years used clothing semiotics to help the audience understand something important about one character in the story. “Many theatrical costumes are based on everyday clothes, and the characters in a presentation may be defined largely by their garments. Some knowledge of the psychology of clothing gives designers a background that will help them begin actual work .so they can explore the dramatic ideas and find ways that costumes will help develop the characters and present ideas of the script. Whether modern or period, garments make a statement that is perceived and interpreted by an audience” Costume Design by Barbara and Cletus Anderson Considerations in a costume design include: The Character’s: The Story’s: Gender and Age Geographic Area Social Status and/or Occupation Season, Weather, Time of Day Relationship to other characters Historical Period Physical activity (running, dancing, etc.) Plot points (ideas important to the story) Psychological factors (emotions, etc.) Mood/Style (comic, realism, fantasy, etc) Essay should include: 1. description of the character in the movie 2. description of one or more costume(s) 3. analysis of what the costume tells the viewer about the character or plot

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