1). Describe the impact of the 10 daily hassles and the 10 daily uplifts on the midlife stage of adulthood. This research was done by Kanner, A.D., Coyne, J. C., Schaefer, C., & Lazarus, R. S., titled Comparison of the two modes of stress measurement.

2). In your solution, please address the role of stress and personal control on life satisfaction and happiness during midlife development.

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The 10 daily hassles have an interesting impact upon the midlife stage of adulthood, due to the fact that this is a stage in which individuals have achieved many of the things that they have sought after during their young adulthood, and these individuals have become somewhat resigned to the fact that they will probably not achieve every goal that they have strived for. In essence, the 10 daily hassles seem to affect these individuals due to the stress that these hassles …

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