Analyze the importance of that aspect to the religion/culture


For your essay, choose one of the religions we have discussed in class this semester. Then pick one aspect of that religion (for example: gender, sex, art, type, cosmogony, etiology, class, caste, laws…). Write an essay in which you analyze the importance of that aspect to the religion/culture. Step-by-step instructions: 1. Choose one religion • Indigenous Religions of the Americas or Africa • Hinduism • Buddhism • Jains . Sikhs • Daoism • Confucianism . Zoroastrianism • Judaism • Christianity • Islam Choose one aspect of the religion (see above noted examples…) Research what the religion was about, who was involved in the religion, where it occurred, and any other relevant information for your essay related to the aspect on which you chose to focus so you are not summarizing, but rather applying your knowledge to highlight gender, or sex, or art, or laws, or the cosmogony, or the ways etiologies were used, or how a religion exemplifies henotheism or animism FOR EXAMPLE. PAPER REQUIREMENTS Provide a brief overview of religion you chose. Do not merely summarize the events, you must analyze the in context of your focus. Use information from class lectures, the book, and any relevant/academic outside source. Be sure to make an argument about the aspect you picked (i.e. the caste system is exploitive or women benefited from Buddhism) You essay should have a clear thesis statement that states the argument and assertions you will make in the paper. Include a Works Cited page and use appropriate in-text citations. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Please spell check and grammar check your essa

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