Anna Moore, an 83-year-old female, is admitted to the ER with aphasia, hemiparesis on her left side, syncope, and delirium. Her daughter called the ambulance after discovering her mother in this condition at home. Mrs. Moore has a history of hypertension, atherosclerosis, and diabetes mellitus. Shewas admitted to the hospital after a brain scan revealed an infarct in the R cerebral hemisphere leading to a diagnosis of CVA of the middle cerebral artery.

1.What pathological condition does Ms. Moore have? Include a short description

2.List and define each of the patient’s presenting symptoms in the ER

3.The patient has a history of three significant conditions. Describe

4. What diagnostic test did the physician perform? Describe the test and results

5. What is an infarct and what causes it? 6. List and describe the four common causes of a CVA


Expert Answer

1. Mrs Moore pathological condition is cerebrovascular accident ( CHA or stroke). It’s damage to the brain from interruption of its blood supply
. It is also referred to as a stroke. Symptoms of …

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