Annotated Bibliography: The Wall

 For this journal assignment ( you will create a brief annotated bibliography. The story to chose is: The wall by Jean Paul Sartre Locate at least four secondary sources (sources other than the story itself) that you intend to use in your upcoming essay, prepare an MLA citation for each and then annotate each entry by explaining how the source is relevant to your essay. Your research should be guided by the type of analysis you plan to conduct for the essay (i.e. biographical, historical, psychological, etc.). It would be a good idea to review “Finding and Evaluating Sources” from Unit 3 so that you know how to choose credible sources. Below are the sources : Al-muttalibi, Aziz. “Death” as an Existentialist Experience in Jean-Paul Sartre’s”The Wall.” Journal of Mathematics Education at Teachers College, 1992, _in_Jean_Paul_Sartre’sThe_Wall Biswas, Deboswita. “Jean-Paul’s “The Wall:” a Study of “Being” and “Death.” International Journal of Management and Applied Science, vol. 3, no. 2, 2017, Bolea, Stefan. “What Is Existentialism? A Revision of Contemporary Definitions.” Babeş Bolyai University, Jan. 2014, _Contemporary_Definitions More, Vijay. “Existentialism: A philosophic standpoint to existence over essence.” The South Asian Academic Research Chronicle, 2016, int_to_existence_over_essence Sartre, Jean-Paul. “The Wall.” Chabrieres, 1939,

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