annotated bibliography within sport psychology

Sport Psychology
APA Formatting
Graduate level writing
6 or more pages plus Title and reference page.
6 or more scholarly or empirical articles that illustrate a high degree of research and technical expertise.

Annotated Bibliography within Sport Psychology
Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to expose students to a psychological skills topic of Learning and Motivation. You are asked to obtain at least six empirical articles directly related to learning and motivation. For each article, write an annotated bibliography, thus reading and reporting on the article in great depth. Finally, integrate the findings from the annotated bibliography into a summary report detailing the current state of knowledge on learning and motivation
-Select a psychological skills topic dealing with Learning and Motivation
-Locate at least 6 empirical studies from Scholarly journal articles only, not websites, which test principles related to that topic (articles should be recent; 1995 to present time)
-For each selected article, write a one-page annotated bibliography, You must begin with the APA reference, then write the summary including purpose, hypotheses sample, measures, procedures, design, statistical results, interpretation of results, practical implications, and scholarly implications
-Summarize the findings from the five sources through the writing of a brief report detailing the results gleaned on the topic (integrate the results; do not simply write five separate summaries)
-Make sure you document each article using APA style of referencing……

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