answer 4 questions on lifespan questions ranging from 150 265 words each

Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following:

Why is accreditation important in lifespan management? What is the role of accreditation on facilities? Provide examples.

Read and respond to the two discussion posts. Be constructive and professional with your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions.
1. Accreditation is important to lifespan management because people who will be working the facilities need to have experience and have certification or licenses. Nurses should have their CNAs and the LPN along with others who have to give medication needs to be certified. Facilities itself must have license, so it will have to be under the Federal and state laws. This is to make sure consumers are well taken care of and the staff knows what the are doing. Although there are those who still abuse consumers. Laws that protect the consumers require facilities to have accreditation.
Example: if I was looking for a facility that is geared to support a elderly person I would look for the ones who has a high rating for supporting, providing activities and plenty staff. Ones that has zero tolerance for abuse and they enforce the rules and guidelines.
The role of accreditation on facilities designated by someone or someone in authority to evaluate and review. Accreditation in the


, The LCME, Liaison Committee on Medical Education are nationally recognized as a educational programmed for MD degrees.
2.Accreditation is important to ensure that a minimum level of care is guaranteed no matter where a patient seeks medical attention. For lifespan management facilities and services, the minimum standards of quality in a nursing home are The Requirements of Participation. There are “185 regulatory standards” they can be classified into “15 major categories” (Singh, 2016).
The long-term care facility “must operate in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations and must be licensed by the state” in order to maintain their accreditation (Singh, 2016). “This also includes the willingness to participate in yearly surveys, in which the state conducts inspections that may include speaking with staff and/or residents” (Graham, 2019).
Lifespan management facilities that are eligible for accreditation include places that have “beds licensed by the state as nursing home beds … beds designated as long term care beds under a hospital license … beds, units or facilities certified by Medicare or Medicaid as skilled nursing facility beds … beds, units or facilities designated as long term care by a government entity” (The Joint Commission, n.d.).
Describe the purpose of accreditation in lifespan management. (USE APPROX 265-300WORDS)

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