Answer as per the instructions

Please read the file as attached and do visit
ingapore Pos
t (
) website to link the task back to the case study.

The question that requires your help is in bold:

Identify and discuss the current strategy of SingPost and assess if it is suitable given the strategic context. Use a well established strategic framework (e.g. Porterâ€s generic strategies or Miles and Snowâ€s strategic typology, or similar) to classify the strategy of SingPost.

Clearly justify your choice with a well developed and logical argument. Justify whether you believe the current strategy is appropriate for the organisation or whether it needs to change. Explain why.

Focus on integrating the conclusions from the analysis that you have undertaken in previous aspects of your assignment to make a coherent, logical argument supporting your position.

We have identified Cost Leadership using Porter’s generic strategies and require you to evaluate the strategy using SAFe (Suitability, Acceptability and Feasibility model).

I think i need 1 page of it, with about 2-3 references.

I have attached the reference guide as well, please strictly follow the guidelines.

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