answer questions with brief explanation

1) Which of the following is a Microsoft prioritization technique with free online samples?
b*. Bug bars
d. Wait and see matrix
2) When should you create your own mitigation?
a. Whenever you are bored
b. When you expect that the performance impact of a standard approach will be high
c*. When you have tested the standard approaches, and they have unacceptable downsides
d. After you have fuzzed
3) Which type of diagram is very common in threat modeling?
a. Venn Diagram
b. State Machine
c. Data Flow Diagram
d. Trust interaction visual
4) What is the most important addition to your system diagram when you move data or operations from an in-house data center to a cloud provider?
a. Trust boundary
b. New diagram
c. Points of encryption
d. Entity barrier
5) Which of the following storage mediums is regarded as the most secure against unauthorized erasure?
a. Floppy Disksb. Virtual Memoryc. Optical Disksd. On-board Hard Disks
6) What is information privacy?
a.Right to be left alone
b.Collection of safeguards that protect personal information
c.Individual’s ability to control use of information that relates to himself/herself
d.Individual’s ability to control anonymity
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Select answer and explain or give brief comment about answer

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