answer the 3 of 6 biology questions

BIOLOGY: Answer 3 of the 6 questions and then click TURN IN. Copy and paste YOUR answers into individual group posts under the NOTES tab, so that others may comment on them. Do additional research if needed. Please remember that you may not copy and paste from the Internet or someone else’s post. If you use information from an Internet site you need to LINK YOUR SOURCE or go to and INCLUDE works cited information in your post. You do not need a formal works cited page, just add your citations to your posts.If you just include URLS, you will not receive credit.

1. Choose ONE organelle to research. Tell what it is, what it does, who discovered it, and anything else interesting you find. Describe how a cell is like a factory. Then write a story using the factory analogy. Be sure to include at least 5 organelles and their functions in your story.
2. What is the importance of the cell membrane? What is its structure (how is it made, what is it made of)? Any organic polymers involved? Which ones? How are they involved? What is the function of the cell membrane? What does semipermeable mean? Why are cells semipermeable? Use practical examples.
3. What are the 2 types of transport? What is the difference between these? Where are substances being transported to and from? And through what? Research a practical example of how transport is used to allow substances in and out of the cell. Keep this simple and use analogies! Write in such a way that a 3rd grader could understand.
4. How do we know so much about the cell? Choose one person that contributed to our knowledge of the cell. Research this person and write a paragraph explaining his/her contribution to understanding the cell. This can be past information or more recent research, but it needs to be research outside of the textbook. When you are finished list 3 questions you have concerning cells that might lead to future research.
5. Figure out how to create a Venn Diagram on a computer and attach it to this assignment. The Venn Diagram should be listing the similarities and differences between animal and plant cells.
6. How does God feel about diversity, creativity, and uniqueness? Use verses to support. Use scientific examples to support. Discuss stem cells, differentiation, and cell specialization.

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