answer the questions provided fully and make sure that it is cited properly

Please make sure all questions are answered fully
Dallemule, Leandro and Thomas H. Davenport (2017), “What’s your data strategy?” Harvard Business Review, May-June, 113-121.
1.Discuss the importance of data management in organizational decision making. How is the new approach of the article different from what we already knew?
2.The authors argue that in a data strategy “the key is to balance the offense and defense.” What do they mean? Explain.
3. Explain how “single source of truth (SSOT)” and “multiple versions of truths (MVOTs) are related to the organizational data strategy.
Green, Paul E. and Yoram Wind (1975), “New Ways to Measure Consumers’ Judgments,”
Harvard Business Review, July-August 73-184.

What is conjoint analysis? What are the common applications and limitations of conjoint analysis? How can we overcome its limitations?
Why should marketers study multivariate analysis techniques? Briefly elaborate various techniques discussed in the class and explain how they help marketers make “informed decisions.”

Goleman, Daniel (1998), “What Makes a Leader,” Harvard Business Review, November-
December, 93-102.
1.“IQ and technical skills are important, but emotional intelligence is the sine qua non of leadership.”Explain.
2.What is emotional intelligence?Can emotional intelligence be learned?How?
3.Rate your emotional intelligence on a four-point scale (4=excellent, 3=good, 2=fair, 1=poor) for each of the five components?How can you improve your rating or emotional intelligence?Explain.
Holt, Douglas (2016), “Branding in the Age of Social Media,” Harvard Business Review, March, 41-50.

How would you overcome the challenges of “Branding in the Age of Social Media?” Explain with specific arguments.
“On social media, what works for Shakira backfires for Crest and Clorox.” Why does this happen? Explain.
What is “cultural branding?” Explain how Chipotle uses the principles of cultural branding.

Levitt, Theodore (1975), “Marketing Myopia,” Harvard Business Review, September-
October, 26-44,173-183. (Originally this article was written in 1960, HBR reprinted it in 1975 with updated comments of Levitt, use the updated article.).

“There is no such thing as growth industry, what we have is growth opportunities.” Explain.
What is “creative destruction?”How does it relate to the Strategy of a company?
Ford created a car with no custom options that was only available in black but sold for $500.Levitt calls him as “both the most brilliant and the most senseless marketer” in American History. Why?

Prahalad, C.K., Gary Hamel (1990), “The Core Competence of the Corporation,” Harvard Business Review, May-June, 79-91.

What is a “core competence” of a corporation?Why core competencies do not diminish in an organization?
What do the authors mean by “the tyranny of the SBU?” In what ways the two concepts of the corporation, SBU and core competence, differ?Explain.
What would be your (individual) core competence? How would you relate that to your personal development and goals in life?

Waheeduzzaman, Abu N. M. (2016), “Consumption Convergence between Emerging and Developed Markets,” Journal of Euromarketing, 25 (3-4), 74-94.

Discuss the models of consumption convergence presented in the study. Distinguish their similarities and differences.
Write a critique of the study.
How would you extend the study? Offer future directions.

For this portion please make sure that you answer the questions by watching the videos provided in the link:
Describe the marketing strategy according to Dr. Kotler. How case method can help us develop marketing strategy? Explain.
This is the signature teaching style at Harvard Business School. Explain how we can adopt case method teaching at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. Specifically, address the points of difference and adaptations required.
Explain how globalization is shaping the future of business. Support your arguments with the concepts discussed in the text/video and your own observations.
Describe the global expansion of the company and their achievements.
What did Anthony Bourdain market? Food, culture, people, place or….all of the above and lot more? How good was he as a marketer? Make your arguments. [Please ignore the suicide part. Think from a marketing viewpoint.]

McDonalds. A critique includes pros, cons and “what else could/should have been included” in the video. You may suggest a relevant video after you have written the critique.
Read the text, watch the video and comment on the product life cycle of Barbie doll in an international context.

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