answer two questions and reply a post

Discussion: Read Chapter 9 and Chapter 11
Answer two following questions. (each one is 150 words) (Total 300 words)
1. What are some of the studies and articles linking smoking to popular culture, and what issues does Sternheimer point out about them? According to the reading, what are the more likely indicators/predictors of smoking in both the lives of teens and adults? Finally, what factors do you think relate to the steady drop in smoking rates in the United States since the 1990s?
2. According to Sternheimer, why might media conglomerates themselves focus on media and popular culture in regards to social problems? What role might they play in how Americans frame social problems like poverty? Beyond money itself, what overall impact does poverty have on the lives of children? Finally, why do you believe Americans as a whole have seemed so reluctant to talk about racism and poverty in our own country?
Respond to this post. (100 words)
Question #2

According to the author media conglomerates themselves to create large monopolies in the production of media culture. In fact, media in its many varied forms seem like a reasonable explanation of social problems because of their more visibility. so we are focused on media content rather than public policies and the broader social structure. Corporations are playing a role that distract us from real problem and also the politicians they lobby benefit from our tendency to view poverty and lack of opportunity as the result of individual failings rather than a public problem.Poverty is the real cause of social problems and it has a huge impact on childrenâ€s lives: Children are less likely to have regular access to health care; their are less prepared at school, and teachers in poor area are less experienced with old materials and large class size; they are more likely to live in high-violence communities in urban areas with less safe place to play outside, and watching more television, and other forms of media. This lead us to blame media because of social problems while this is an effect of social structure.I believe that American is reluctant to talk about racism and poverty in the country because it has a image of strong freedom healthy country, and talking about the fact that more than 15 million children in the US live in poverty is a bad influence for the state. In contrast, children starving faraway in Africa or Asia gain our sympathy because they are from poor developed country. American focus on individualism, therefore poor people are responsible for their own predicament.
Discussion board responses will be graded according to the following criteria:
1.Content and Development (Total points: 30)
a. Post addresses the issue(s) raised: 10 Points
b. Post length is substantive: 10 Points (Well-formed, thoughtful, and detailed responses/commentaries to discussion questions and classmate postings. Minimum total of 300 words written per week.)
c. Post references assigned material: 10 Points
2. Mechanics (Total points: 20) a. Rules of spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed: 20 Points
3. Readability and Style (Total points: 10) a.Sentences are complete, clear, and concise, and the tone is appropriate to the content and assignment: 10 Points

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