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The final presentation will consist of a PPT presentation of not less than 30 PPT slides, exclusive of references, table of contents and title page and not more than 50 slides. Presentations will be timed A grading rubric will be provided for the team presentationThe organizations will be assigned in the third week of classThe final assignment will focus on a presentation on a specific company or organization and will explore the organization, the situation it has/is facing and what the implications will be for organizational members, its stakeholders and behavioral influences and results. The research presentation will be focused on understanding the company/organization, becoming familiar with their strategic imperatives, the review and analysis of current issues they face and importantly how they could influence and impact organizational behavior. The research should take into consideration the ways in which external stakeholders could influence organizational behavior (such as customers, investors, communities, etc.) It will include a thorough stakeholder analysis, situational analysis, strategic imperatives,12and implications for organizational behavioral and strategies to address potential behavioral implications for the organization. Students could consider the use of scenario planning as a tool to surface those implications for example and the likelihood of those scenario consequences.
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