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You have been hired by Doris Ann Riley, the head of HR for King Conductors to analyze a leadership situation. She is concerned with what she is hearing about one of the newest sales people, Charlotte Forsythe, who, in the process of being lured away from her employer in England, received many perks. Charlotte has made sales that have made a significant difference for the company. Doris is concerned that Charlotte is going to renegotiate an increase in her, already large, salary and the impact that will have on other employees. After reading the case study, develop no more than a two-page, single-spaced, leadership memo. In order to develop your memo, you will need to:
1. Read the case study, Commissions for Charlotte, on pages 254-255 of the Daft (2018) text.
2. As a leadership consultant hired by Ms. Riley, you have been asked to provide feedback on the situation brewing at King Conductors relative to employee morale, productivity, employee empowerment, and the progress principle. Incorporate responses to the questions below in your analysis:

What theories of motivation help explain Charlotteâ€s demands and the reactions of other employees to those demands? Why?

What options can you think of for handling Charlotteâ€s demand for even higher commissions? Which option would you choose? Why?

The role of the leader is to create a situation in which followers†higher needs and the needs of the organization can be met simultaneously” (Daft, 2018, p. 250). Using the assigned readings from Daft, how can the leaderâ€s level of emotional intelligence and the expectancy and equity theories result in an increase of intrinsic rewards at King Conductors?

3. Develop each of the three items as fully as possible. Support your analysis with theories and concepts from the readings, including the online articles. Cite all sources using the APA in-text citation style. Even though this is a role-play and you might not otherwise cite theory in a leadership memo, you MUST for this assignment.

TO: Lisa Mahoney
FROM: You Leadership Consultant
RE: Analysis of Situation
DATE: Today’s Date
The body of your memorandum should be single spaced and cannot exceed two pages. Because you are the leadership consultant specifically hired by Doris Ann Riley, the head of HR for King Conductors. You will need to tell her what the problem is, what the options are (be sure you are grounded in the theory), and what you recommend (and why). Remember, you are dealing with a very sensitive situation at this company. They’ve hired you to consult with them and provide feedback on the impact, on other employees, of a top sales person’s possible re-negotiation of her, already large, salary. Analyze how things can be improved through the application of leadership strategies. You need to examine what the situation is, apply theory from the textbook readings and other sources to the problems/issues raised in the case study, and let them know as professionally (and gently) as possible what you might recommend.
Because it is your job to get your message across, feel free to use any gimmicks that you deem appropriate: boldfacing, subheadings, and the like. Any memos that run to a second (or third) page should use a heading format for the subsequent pages which is single spaced and left justified (i.e., on the top left-hand edge of the page). An example follows:
Your nameToday’s datepage 2
Feel free to provide attachments, graphs, or any other material which you feel will help the CEO understand your arguments. Remember not to preach to your audience, after all, Ms. Riley wants your advice not your condemnation!
Special Note: Be sure that you make reference to theory (and cite the references using the APA format) within the text of the memo. I know this is different from what you are used to doing. After all, when was the last time you placed a citation to leadership theory in one of your memos? This is a college course, however, and it is the only way you can demonstrate mastery of the topic — that translates to an equivalent overall grade in the course. You will use the textbook primarily, although references to the Online Articles are required. References from the discussion comments and the self-assessments can also be used as appropriate. Provide a Reference List at the end of your memo, citing all sources, using the APA format. Remember, do not use anyone else’s words without attribution. If you do, there will be retribution.

READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS this is very important do not skim. I am having tutors skim reading and producing POOR work. I am done accepting work that is not proof read and has not been thouroughly read nor the instructions are disregarded. Attatched is the reading.

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