apa format human resources management

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Week 2 Assignment Instructions SHRM The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the organization that supports and connects professional HR managers. Their website is a great source of information on the HRM field, on careers, and on various specialties with HRM. This week’s assignment is to go to the SHRM website. Use this link http://www.shrm.org/ to go to the SHRM website. Have a look around the website, then complete the following activities: 1) Read a news article On the top navigation bar is the ‘HR TODAY†section; hover over this and then select the link to ‘HR Newsâ€. Select and one article on current issues in human resources. NOTE that some articles are only available to members; if this happens, just pick another article. 2) Learn about Student Membership Using the search window near the top, search ‘entire site†for Student Membership Note how much a Student Membership costs for a year Read through the benefits of Student Membership, and note two benefits or resources that seem interesting. PREPARE YOUR DOCUMENT Your document of about 500 words* should contain: ï‚· A brief summary of the article you read, including the title of the article and at least two interesting ideas from the article. Tell me what you think, based on your experience. ï‚· One paragraph about Student Membership, including the cost of student membership in SHRM and several member benefits and resources available to student members.
Reminder – all work must be in your own words. NEVER CUT-AND-PASTE from a website or any other source; this is called plagiarism.
Prepare your document according to the guidelines in the How do I do that? module under Course Resources. Submit by attaching to the next page in this module.
*Written assignments in this class should address the assignment requirements in sufficient depth to demonstrate you have learned something from the learning activity. In general, 500 words is a good target for the level of detail needed. DO NOT pad your work to make it exactly 500. If you can nail it with less than 500 words, great, but it needs to earn that “great”! If you need more words to explore the topic so you can really learn, that’s fine too.

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