application assignment differential equation and solution

Please see attached assignment. I need Help cleaning it up with the directions given below. I have also attached the rubric and the assignment instructions.
I liked the topic that you chose for the project. This problem is based on a well known equation about Newton’s Law of Cooling. However your submission was late.
Model Visuals: It is important to include some visual models or graphs or table containing data to describe the behavior of the temperature of the liquid over the time. Your graph is generic. Please, plot the solution to your DE.
Differential Equation: The DE with initial conditions is appropriately described.That is the rate of change of the T is proportional to T.
However, when you try solving the DE you make T = constant which is incorrect. Classification of Differential Equation: The DE has not been classified correctly in this work. This is a linear DE.
Please, try to show all the steps to reach the solution .Solution to Differential Equation: Method applied to solve the problem is not correct. Please, go over the section in our book that describes how this DE is solved.Solution in Context to Initial Topic: you need to mention how this solution could be used to understand related topics.

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