application security 24

1. Howmanyfailedlogonsweredetected?
2. Whatwasthedate/timeshownatthetopoftheIISlogfileyoucapturedattheend of Part 2 of the lab?
3. Whatoptionsareavailabletopreventbruteforceauthenticationattacksina Windows-based domain?
4. Whatisaninsiderattack?
5. IftheattacksforthislabwerecomingfromaninternalIP,wouldyouallowthe attack to continue to investigate further or stop the attack?
6. Withtheinformationprovidedinthislab,whatstepswouldyoutaketopreventa reoccurrence of an external attack?
7. Whatisabestpracticetodeterinsidersfromeventhinkingaboutexecutingan attack?

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