Applied Behavior Analysis

For this week’s Assignment, you’ll create a three part Assignment including a professional development plan. First, complete the reading, discussion thread, and learning space activity in this unit. Then, in a 3-4-page essay, answer the following:
Part one:

Explain how your professional and educational experiences have led you to your interest in ABA.

Discuss your intended area of concentration and why this area appeals to you.

What skills/strengths do you already possess that will allow you to be successful in this area?

What skills do you want to work on that will allow you to develop more experience in this area?

Part two:

Clearly outline your plans for the following areas: a. either BCBA or BCABA certification; b. meeting any state requirements in your area of interest; c. future educational goals; d. plan for ongoing professional development.

Part three:

Find one JABA article from the Kaplan Library related to your area of interest. After reading the article briefly discuss the contributions of this article to your field of interest.

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