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The Prompt
You will watch one Soviet era movie and one contemporary Russian movie. The goal for this assignment is for you to notice Russian culture. You need to avoid the blockbuster mobster or otherwise violent movies. They do not show much about real Russian lives. For guidance on which films to choose, I would choose a Russian’s suggestions. Here are two links: IMDb or RBTH , but there are many more out there. I would try YouTube or Google Best Russian and Best Soviet Movies.
Please, try to respond to the following questions for each film (if some of them are not applicable, then add something else to your response):
1. What did you notice about the lifestyles portrayed in the films?
2. Did you notice the living conditions?
3. What did you learn about work in Russia or in the Soviet Union?
4. How did the characters spend their free-time?
5. What did you notice about relationships with parents, spouse, children and friends?
6. What other elements of culture did you notice?
7. Can you compare your life to the lives in the Russian/Soviet films? What was different?
8. A broad question: Now that you have learned various aspects about the Russian culture, what would you tell somebody that asked you what you learned about Russia?


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