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This is a Collaborative Learning Community assignment
A group of seven individuals embarked on a weeklong cruise aboard a chartered luxury yacht. On the third day, a severe storm caused the yacht to run aground on a deserted island. Aside from minor scratches and bruises, all crew and passengers escaped serious injury. Unfortunately, the yacht was damaged beyond repair. Furthermore, the yacht’s only radio was damaged. It can receive messages but can no longer transmit messages. After several days, they hear over the radio that the effort to locate and rescue them had been abandoned. The group is presumed dead. The island is uninhabited. There is sufficient vegetation and fresh water to sustain them indefinitely. Despite the outside world’s assumption that they are dead, the group has resolved to find a way to return home. In the meantime, they must prepare for a life together on the island.
Use the file titled “Selecting a Leader” to complete the following:

Individually rank the applicants and report your ranking to the group with one to four sentences explaining how you determined your ranking.
As a group, come to consensus as to a ranking of the applicants using one to four sentences for each applicant. Be sure to present your reasoning based on criteria established by the group.


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