Applying Scientific Methods

Your task is to post an APA-style
full-sentence outline to the discussion area so that other students are able to
review your plan. This outline will cover the 8 prompts listed under the Phase
4 Individual Project instructions. Attach your document to the main discussion
post, and include any notes you feel are appropriate. The purpose of this
assignment is to help improve the quality of the Phase 4 Individual Project
through peer-review. The assignment length for the outline is 400–500 words.

An example of an APA-style full
sentence outline can be found on this Web site. Please see
page 2 of the following PDF document: Types of Outlines and Samples.

Outline addresses
the following:

Describe geographic evidence collected in the last part
of the 20th century to support the theory of continental drift.Why do scientists today accept the movement of
continents but did not accept this theory back in Wegner’s time?Describe the process of the scientific method and
theory development.How does the scientific method help one understand the
natural world?What are the roles of qualitative and quantitative
science?Describe how plate tectonics provides the mechanism for
continental drift.How do plate tectonics explain the process of
continental drift?How do plate tectonics explain natural landforms like
the Himalayas and the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean?

A minimum of 2 references should be
used to reinforce your ideas. Be sure to include the references as both in-text
citations and entries on your reference list.

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