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Appraisal of Current Market Research Order Description for the questionnaires at least 10 respondents answers have to be there for each question, not all the questions are important to analyse . important ones i think 1,3,5,8,9,10,11,13,14,15,17,18 test the hypothesis where applicable like on question 9,11. anyway no right or wrong on choosing which question is relevant or not i’ll upload the questionnaire. do report demographics as well like age gender and location. talk about the profile of respondents and not just. its very important to create a table that has aims,objectives and hypothesis as on the introduction part not all the objectives would have hypothesis. please report the percentages in the text and under the pie chart this is very crucial , mention cross tabulation very important as well. please do create own table do not take the ones from the SPSS, and remember only one decimal place. use cross tabulation, mean analysis testing( talk about it, need a table for it but only the important colum so basically the difference) and also hypothesis testing(se data compute), and T.test. Please do report more than 6 hypothesis. please do mention what type of test used for each question

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