Architecture and Urban Theory

 Choice three books form ONLY the list below then select three chapters of each that you a have chosen to write a reflection paper. It has to be 3 books 3 chapters. You should choose only one chapter of each the three books from the following: BOOKS CHOICES WE ARE ABLE TO USE: 1. Jacobs, Jane. (1992) The Death and Life of Great American Cities, Vintage Books 2. Goldsmith and Elizabeth (2010) What We See Advancing the Observations of Jane Jacobs, New Village Press 3. Duany, Andres et al. (2000) Suburban Nation Northpoint Press Choice 2. 1. Speck, Jeff (2013) Walkable City: How Downtown can Save America, One Step at A Time. North Point Press. 2. Charles Montgomery (2013) Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design, Farrar, Straus and Giroux 3. Calthorpe, Peter. (2012) Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change Island Press 1) should have at least three responsive questions arising from the books (not one book, but should be all books the three from your choice). 2) provide responses to all of those questions three of them within the three chapters. 3) Brief outline about his/her book review paper. The outline should indicate the initial version of topic(s), structure, and major discussion points. 1. Reading Reflections A. Required Components If the response includes all components and meets all requirements indicated in the instructions. At least one question has addressed issues from each book. B. Depth of Reflection (if the response indicates a good reflection of the reading. If the response does not only describe the contents of the reading, but also provides some critical thinking involved with reasons and examples. C. Structure of writing) if the response shows a clear , concise, and well organized with good sentence/paragraph construction. 2. Paper Outline -Main Ideas if the outline clearly show the main points that the student want to bring for discussion -Writing logic & structure if the writing is clear and concise, showing a strong structure for the discussion and argument. Overall quality -When the steps are not following the order will be reject it back. Any question please call me. Again Choice three books form ONLY the list you got above then select three chapters for each book to reflect your answer. One chapter of the first book. Another chapter for the second book. And last chapter for the third book . DIFFERENT THREE BOOKS FROM ONLY THE LIST!

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